How to Create Alight Motion Shake Effects Tutorial

In the bustling realm of mobile video editing, Alight Motion has carved its niche, offering both novices and professionals a suite of robust tools tailored for on-the-go creativity. Among its plethora of features, one that distinctly stands out and has garnered significant attention is the Shake Effect. But what makes this effect so special?

At its essence, the Shake Effect is not just about adding a simple tremor to your footage. It’s an embodiment of dynamism, designed to infuse videos with an extra layer of intensity and emotion. Whether you’re crafting a dramatic scene in a short film, emphasizing a beat drop in a music video, or simply adding flair to your vlogs, this effect can amplify the emotional resonance of the moment, making your content not only visually captivating but also deeply immersive.

Alight motion shake effect

The beauty of the Alight Motion Shake Effects lies in its versatility. Moreover, the effect’s seamless integration within the Alight Motion interface ensures that even those new to the world of video editing can harness its power with ease. You can also read How to use Alight Motion app

Understanding the Alight Motion Shake Effects

The Alight Motion Shake Effects, at its core, is more than just a visual tremor. It’s a sophisticated tool designed to inject specific emotions into a scene. By simulating a shake, it imbues the content with a sense of drama, anticipation, or vibrancy, making viewers not just see but feel the intended mood.


  • Drama and Tension: Think of a scene in a movie where a character realizes a significant truth or faces an unexpected challenge. The shake can heighten this moment, amplifying its emotional impact.
  • Excitement and Energy: Vloggers might use the effect to accentuate their reactions to surprising events or to amplify the excitement of an adventure they’re sharing.
  • Rhythmic Sync: In music videos, the shake can be synced to the rhythm or beats, making viewers feel every pulse and drop more intensely.

Mechanics of the Shake:

At a technical level, the Shake Effects functions by swiftly altering three primary parameters of a video frame:

  • Position: It shifts the frame’s location horizontally, vertically, or both.
  • Rotation: The frame might tilt or turn slightly during the shake, adding to the effect’s depth.
  • Scale: Occasionally, the shake might also zoom in or out a bit, adding a pulsating feel.

Each of these alterations happens in quick succession, creating the illusion of a spontaneous shake. The effect’s power lies in its adaptability, allowing users to fine-tune the shake’s characteristics based on the video’s thematic needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Alight Motion Shake Effects

Import Your Video

  • Open Alight Motion and initiate a new project.
  • Drag your desired video clip onto the timeline, ensuring it’s positioned correctly.

Add a New Layer

  • Click on the “+” icon or opt for the “Add Layer” function.
  • For the shake effect’s foundation, opt for a shape layer.

Initiate the Shake Effect

  • With your shape layer highlighted, delve into the “Transform” menu.
  • Seek the “Position” setting or its equivalent and then choose the “Wiggle” function.

Customize Your Shake

  • Frequency: Tweak this setting to decide the rapidity of the shake. A high value will induce a faster, more intense shake, while a lower value will give a more languid, subtle tremor.
  • Magnitude: Play with this to set the shake’s robustness. A high magnitude results in a more pronounced shake, whereas a lower one gives a gentle sway.
  • Duration: By managing the keyframes, you can designate the exact moments the shake effect kicks in and concludes, providing precision control.

Preview and Finalize

  • Scrutinize your edits by playing the video within Alight Motion.
  • If the shake aligns with your vision, conclude your edits, and save your masterpiece. From there, you can effortlessly export it to your device or desired platform.

Incorporating the Alight Motion Shake Effects with finesse can be the difference between an average video and a compelling visual narrative. Its ability to accentuate moods makes it a potent tool in every video editor’s arsenal, especially when using intuitive platforms like Alight Motion.


Yes, like any other effect, overusing the Shake Effect can make a video look overdone or chaotic. The key is moderation. Use the effect purposefully and in moments where it can enhance the scene or emotion. Previewing your video multiple times and seeking feedback can also help ensure the effect is applied judiciously.

Generally, adding effects can potentially increase the video’s file size due to the added complexity. However, the increase due to the Shake Effect alone is typically minimal. Still, it’s always a good practice to check the final file size, especially if you have constraints for uploading or sharing.

Definitely! Alight Motion allows users to combine multiple effects for a more layered and intricate visual experience. Combining the Alight Motion Shake Effects with other effects like zoom, fade, or color adjustments can lead to unique and engaging results. But remember, the key is to maintain a balance to avoid overwhelming the viewer.

While the Shake Effect is versatile, there might be certain videos where its application could be distracting. For instance, in serene nature videos, instructional content, or meditative clips, a shake might be jarring or out of place. As always, the content’s theme and intended audience should guide the choice of effects.


The Alight Motion Shake Effects is a dynamic tool designed to add vibrancy and movement to video projects. By mimicking the natural inconsistencies of handheld camera work, it offers creators a way to infuse their digital content with a more organic and engaging feel. Whether used subtly to convey emotion or more aggressively for dramatic emphasis, the shake effect is versatile and can enhance storytelling. However, like any effect, it’s essential to use it judiciously to ensure it complements the narrative rather than detracting from it. In conclusion, the Alight Motion Shake Effects is a valuable addition to any video editor’s toolkit, providing an avenue to bring a touch of realism and dynamism to digital content.

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